Word of the day post


Today’s word is HARMONY . 

When I think about this word it reminds me of when I read Shogun by James Clavelles. I’m not sure if this is completely accurate but I remember that Clavelles said the Japanese word for Harmony is Wa (spelling😬)

The reason I remember this even though I read the book at least 15 years ago is because, back when I was young and single, I would read for hours at a time; just sitting back with some snacks and a drink and being in my own world and I loved it.

I have two sisters, and whenever one of them would intrude into my perfectly balanced space, I would yell at them, “you are disturbing my Wa!” Of course it sounded hilarious and made their transgressions seem much more serious than they were.

The point is, that for me Harmony is being in the perfect state of doing what you love and not being in physical need of anything. When this happens for me I can almost forget my surroundings and my imagination takes over and I am absorbed into the book that I am reading almost physically.

I am glad I have the means to achieve this state often, although less so now that I have children.



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