Subscription Boxes

I finally got my first “subscription box” from LitJoy!!!!!

I kept hearing about them and seeing people’s “unboxing” videos made me green with envy. 

I looked into Owlcrate but it was a bit pricey, I think 49.99/mo. Before shipping!

So I decided to go with litjoy because it was a better price range. This is the YA box and it was 29.99 before shipping. I paid for 3 months in advance during a promotion they were having so I paid $85 total. 

It was totally worth it!!!

These are so fun. All of the products are related to the book that is included. 

They included sushi socks to go with the Japanese theme of the book! I mean I don’t know if I could geek out any harder 🤓🤓🤓🤓

Another awesome thing about this particular box is that most of the book related items are handmade by artists that sell their work on Etsy. 

So not only are the items unique they help support small businesses!!

I can’t recommend this enough! 

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