Books I’ll (probably) Never Read -Tag

I was tagged by DuskAngelReads for Tag Sunday to do the “Books I’ll (probably) Never Read” tag. The original post can be found at A Dreamers Library.

  • A Really Hyped Book you’re Not Interested in…

Sadly, I bought into the hype on this one. I had just began my YA fantasy kick and everyone was talking about this book. It was all over bookstagram, Litsy, and other various bookish websites that I read. The story sounded awesome and intriguing AND the cover was beautiful; like, shut up and take my money. 

I think I read the first 20 pages; I couldn’t suffer through anymore of it. I thought the writing was extremely juvenile and the characters seemed spoiled and annoying. The author also did this weird thing where one of the sisters related color with emotion, and not in a typical fashion like, “his face became red with fury..” It was like ” she saw the turquoise of his longing” or some such garbage. I put the book in the little free library near my house so I can’t quote it, but I remember thinking WTF does that even mean? 

At first I thought the problem was me, I am not a romantic per se, I thought maybe I’m too old or too jaded; so I gave it another shot. The second time I realized it wasn’t me that was the problem and that is when i gave it up.

  • A Series you Won’t Start/Finish…

The Divergent Series *sigh*…

It pains me to admit that I won’t read this solely based on my past book snobbishness. Yes, I was a booksnob; I am not entirely reformed- there are still things I won’t deign to read- I am working on it though. The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem…right?

I used to completely thumb my nose at the YA genre. My best friend practically begged me to read these, but I never would and I made fun of the fact that she did. Well she is the one laughing now because YA is all I have been reading lately. I can only humbly open my mouth to insert my foot. I still won’t read this series though, for the sake of my own pride.

  • A Classic that You’re Not Interested In….

I’m not interested in most classics to be honest. But War and Peace specifically have always been, in my mind, synonymous with words like boring and tedious; sooooo…no thanks. 

  • Any Genres You’ve Never Read…

Here is the part of my book snobbishness that is totally and unapologetically unreformed; I never have and never will (unless the world ends and I’m the only one left alive and these are the only thing left to read in which case I might as well off myself anyway) read Harlequin romance novels or Erotica. This is trash; people say that reading anything is better than reading nothing, which I would generally agree with, but in this case no; I’m sorry, I just can’t.  

  • A Book on Your Shelves You’ll Probably Never Read…

If you reading this Ashley, I’m sorry but I’m probably not gonna read this. I still love you though 😉 

3 thoughts on “Books I’ll (probably) Never Read -Tag”

  1. I have to agree about Caraval haha. I was one of the few that really did not enjoy it. I think there was some solid writing at times and the idea was interesting, but the execution and amount of “fluff” was too much for me. I do still plan on checking out Divergent, as my daughter gifted it to me. How could I not?! 😛

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  2. Wow – thank you for such a brutally honest mini review of Caraval! Its been under my radar for quite some time, give all the discussions going on about it both here and on Goodreads. I’m definitely glad that I came across your blog, at least I can remove that from my TBR now. I agree, that whole color/emotion analogy does seem a tad bit awkward.
    I totally agree with your choice for “Books on your shelf you’ll probably never read”. I really only bought Go Set a Watchman because of all the hype going on about Lee finally publishing this sequel to the classic To Kill a Mockingbird, but I doubt I’ll ever actually read it though.
    Great post, I look forward to reading more from you soon!
    Happy Reading 🙂

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