Reading Slumps Suck

Last month i read so many good books! It was like I had the golden touch; every book I picked up grabbed my interest enough for me to finish. 

This month has been the complete opposite. 

I have so many good books to read, I just cant decide what I’m in the mood for. 

I have been slacking at everything bookish to be honest. I haven’t been super active on Bookstagram and this is only the third blog post I’ve written all month.

I love YA but i feel guilty reading so much of it. I don’t know why but I feel like it isnt productive, and I have a hard time reviewing YA because I read the genre purely for pleasure.

I have several general adult fiction titles but I dont want to read anything too heavy.

What do you guys do to kill a reading slump?

Any good slump-buster titles you can suggest?



1 thought on “Reading Slumps Suck”

  1. Oh that dreaded slump! It creeps up on me several times a year. I tackle mine two ways.. novellas (or short stories) or sometimes I simply take a week to Netflix binge haha. Also attempting to read something way out of the norm helps me at times. best of luck 😉


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